Advanced Interviewing - Two Day Course

The goal of this course is to provide the student with the Practical Activities to hone their skills of negative-alternative questions, theme building, narratives, and expectations in the courtroom. The student will bring a DVD of an interview conducted so a critique by the attendees may be conducted for a peer learning environment.  

Peer review and feedback is important as leaders are developed by mentoring each other.  An interviewer must be prepared for not only the interview but he/she need to know what to expect in court. An effective witness interview can be as crucial as a confession, learning to be patient and the proper questioning utilizing the cognitive approach is a must. Confidence can be developed through practice and practical experience.  This course is an interactive course where the learner receives immediate feedback on their skills.

At the conclusion of the course, the investigator will:

  • Be able to apply cognitive interview techniques
  • Develop proper negative-alternative questions
  • Understand how to interview a NON emotional offender
  • Understand how to interview an emotional offender
  • Know what to expect in Suppression hearings
  • Learn through peer review

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