"I attended your course this past week in Temple, TX. I thought it was an outstanding course. Last night I had a simple dope arrest and figured I would try out a roadside interview. I never had an issue reading Miranda before but the way you taught us to do it makes a lot of sense and worked great. The interview went well and I got some good information out of it. I used the same approach on two offenders.  I just wanted to send you a quick note saying thanks for the knowledge."

Anthony R. Custance, Killeen Texas

"I'd like to say you've put together a great way to explain methods for a successful investigations. Great class."

B. Tippitt, Missouri City P.D. (Tx.)

"On behalf of the Executive Board of the Homicide Investigators of Texas let me send our sincere gratitude for your work at our annual conference. As a Non-Profit organization it is imperative we fill our hours with the type of instruction and quality speakers that will urge our attendees to return and continue to return year after year. For several years you have presented your information to the attendees in a manner that when the attendees are provided the information that you will be returning the next year, we often hear "I will be back next year" or "He is such a great speaker"! The Homicide Investigators of Texas can not adequately relay to you our sincere gratitude for the professional job you do at our conference and thank you for your continued dedication to the Homicide Investigators of Texas."

Larry Davis, President, Homicide Investigators of Texas

“The training was the best I have attended on the subject in my 18 years of law enforcement."

Adam Rodriguez, Victoria Police Department

“Thank you for making the course a success.  I've been getting great feedback from the students. Thank you.”

Laura Hinojosa, Sr. Police Officer, Houston Police Training Division

"I have been incorporating most of your techniques into my interviews (concentrating on watching the body language) which have helped me tremendously but not until yesterday did it all fall into place. I knew my teacher wasn't telling me all the truth about a sexual harassment/stalking investigation (case gave the appearance of a fatal attraction).

Prepping the room, watching his body language, using the wife (instead of the mother) angle, repeating his statement every minute or so to imply it was for my understanding (and finding inconsistencies in his story), drawing a time line implying for my understanding (found more inconsistencies), in intervals I kept at him not giving him time to rethink or conjure up another story when I found areas that didn't make sense, when the head dropped, and he made a heavy sigh I started the constant approach and he finally broke down and told me everything about the relationship which is still what it is but it is happening because of much different reasons with a much more serious story behind it than he was suggesting as just a relationship gone sour.

I want to thank you again for a very informative seminar and allowing me the opportunity to excel in my career by you sharing your knowledge."

Debra S. Martin-ez, EEO Specialist, Houston Independent School District

"I have been out at the Academy for about ten years I have instructed veteran officers and cadets, next to a 24-hour Drug Interdiction course I took about twelve years ago, your class held my interest from the start to the finish.

I am very interested in investigations so the subject matter was provoking to me. I felt the the flow of the instruction and your enthusiasm kept unknowledgeable participants engaged. I'm aware that not everyone can make a great interviewer / interrogator but you made everyone believe "they" could.

That was refreshing..."

Bob Segovia, Senior Police Officer, Roll Call Video Unit, Houston Police Department